CHANGE empowers the way our members approach health and wellness by infusing body and mind classes with technology and lifestyle. The CHANGE brand is synonymous with having the best trainers, equipment, technology and spaces to unleash a new passion for fitness from its members. We truly give a f*ck about people, not just today but everyday, it’s in our DNA. CHANGE understands a healthy person needs access to not only functional fitness but an elevated lifestyle and supportive community that allows them to feel healthy and happy.


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“We truly give a f**k about people, not just today but everyday, it’s in our DNA”.
Driven by a holistic approach to fitness, we innovate and educate so that our members are empowered to live a life enhanced. Founded in Australia, the first of the CHANGE studios opened in Broadbeach, Gold Coast in October 2020 with a fresh approach to class-based fitness training to bring to the world a complete fusion of exercise, wellness and lifestyle.
The brand was conceptualised by Pete Haselhurst & Emma Pearson to change the cookie-cutter approach to fitness in Australia, creating a movement of real change that welcomes its community to experience a new lifestyle journey together. Disregarding any notion of exclusivity CHANGE is a functional space that offers far more than just kettlebells, weights and classes. From meditation, yoga, reformer Pilates to have equipment like surfboards and bikes available to members. Boasting world-class trainers, the best equipment across all training and practices and a passion for the fusion of fitness and technology.
“The CHANGE brand is synonymous in having the best trainers, equipment, technology and training spaces to unleash a new passion for fitness”.
CHANGE is about more than fitness; it’s about making a global impact. We’re committed to transforming lives not only through exercise but also by giving back to the communities who need help across the world. Our foundation is the embodiment of this dedication, striving to create a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most. Through our efforts, we genuinely aim to make a difference, extending the principles of change and empowerment to reach far beyond our studios.
CHANGE offers a holistic approach to wellness with classes programmed to compliment each other across our three modalities. CHANGE classes are powered by an array of cutting-edge technology. MyZone heart-rate trackers provide real-time feedback, allowing participants to monitor their efforts and instructors to offer personalised guidance. TV screens display structured class programming and heart rate tracking. EVOLT 360 body scanners provide precise body composition data to accurately track progress. At CHANGE every workout is engaging, motivational, and data-driven. This integration of technology enhances the class and offers a personalised, immersive experience.
At CHANGE, we are on a mission to transform the fitness experience through the partnership and integration of fitness and technology.
Our app is your gateway to the complete CHANGE holistic wellness experience. It allows access to class timetables to seamlessly book your classes and schedule your week. Not just a fitness tool; it’s your key to embracing a well-rounded, healthier lifestyle. Let the CHANGE app empower you to achieve a balanced, healthier lifestyle, and embark on a path towards a happier, more vibrant you. Your wellness adventure begins


Pete Haselhurst

Responsible for brand and studio growth.

Emma Pearson

Managing Director/Co-Founder
Responsible for community and culture.

Jaryd Neethling

Head of Marketing
Responsible for turning CHANGE into a household name.

Luke Wolhuter

Head of Content
Responsible for capturing the exciting moments and sharing our journey.

Stephen Woods

Head of Programming
Responsible for integrations of programming across all modalities.

Teigan Woollard

Franchise Marketing Manager
Helping fuel studio and franchise expansion.

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