Yoga at CHANGE complements our diverse training aiding in active recovery, offering a variety of classes suitable for all. In our Vinyasa flow classes, you’ll experience a dynamic fusion of movement and breath, with each session offering a unique blend of postures. For relaxation, our Restorative or Yin sessions focus on prolonged holds and the use of props for utmost comfort. All classes have been designed to enhance flexibility, breath control, and cardiovascular fitness; making them an ideal escape from the stress of daily life. End each session with a refreshing eucalyptus-scented towel to leave you feeling revitalised.


Vinyasa yoga offers a dynamic and rejuvenating experience that blends breath with active movement. Participants can expect to improve flexibility, strength, and balance while reducing stress. Vinyasa is a faster and more rhythmic style of yoga, you can expect a series of flowing postures linking breath and movement seamlessly. Vinyasa yoga is customisable to all fitness levels with instructors providing modifications if required. Join our classes to unwind from everyday life and improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing.


Restorative yoga is a meditative style of yoga that encourages physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Appropriate for all levels, restorative yoga is practised at a slow pace while focusing on long holds, stillness and deep breathing. Unlike more active yoga styles such as Vinyasa, you can expect to hold a pose for five minutes or more. Only a handful of poses will be performed in restorative yoga sessions and the instructor will position students into passive poses with props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks for the utmost comfort.

Yin Yoga

Had a big week of training? Yin Yoga is the perfect way to unwind, Yin yoga targets deep connective tissues like fascia, ligaments, and tendons. Classes involve holding passive, seated or reclined poses for an extended time, usually 3-5 minutes or more. In comparison to Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga has more emphasis on deep stretching, flexibility, boosting circulation and reducing tension. Leave the CHANGE studio feeling relaxed and ready to conquer the world after a session.

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Suelen Cella
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Hatha Yoga with Pam Alves is perfect if you want to relax after a long day. This class is very different from regular yoga classes, as she mixes yoga poses, meditation, essential oils, mists... Quite an experience! By far, the best yoga class I have done in years.
Madison Fleischer
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I’ve done both the restorative and power yoga classes and wow it has been a game changer. As an athlete I’ve been to many yoga classes however the atmosphere CHANG3 creates really makes the experience more enticing. While traditional lifts have been my favourite in the past, I think Yoga might be moving into #1.



Discover a wide variety of functional training classes available at CHANGE. Each class is meticulously designed to enhance fitness, strength and stamina. Our class offerings encompass options for building strength and muscle mass through weight-lifting and bodyweight training. We also offer sessions designed to boost cardiovascular fitness and endurance through high-intensity exercises. Elevate your fitness with diverse training options, curated to suit all levels and tailored to help you achieve your individual goals.


CHANGE Reformer Pilates classes offer diverse benefits for all fitness levels. From beginners to enthusiasts, you’ll experience improved strength, flexibility, and balance. Signature Reformer sessions are dynamic, energetic, and suitable for all, while Stability Reformer classes emphasise core control and balance. For a more challenging 50-minute workout, try Reformer Strong, which combines upper and lower body exercises. Our studio features a Himalayan salt-wall for stress reduction and an overall immune system boost. Plus, enjoy a cold eucalyptus-scented towel after each class, leaving you refreshed and energised.
Reformer Pilates
Breathwork Change


Discover the transformative power of breathwork at CHANGE. Breathwork refers to the practice of using conscious breathing techniques to enhance one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. By utilising intentional breathing techniques, you can effectively reduce stress and anxiety. Our classes are thoughtfully crafted to provide you with the essential tools for leading a more vibrant and happy life.

frequently asked questions

We understand changing it up and trying something new can push us out of our comfort zone. Find answers to some commonly asked questions to help you in starting your yoga journey.
Yoga attire can be what you would wear to any other CHANGE Training class. Your clothes should be comfortable, allowing for ease of movement. Many people wear leggings or yoga pants and a breathable top. Avoid overly loose or baggy clothing that could get in the way. Please note it is recommended that you practise yoga barefoot rather than in shoes or socks.
At CHANGE we provide everything you require for a comfortable yoga class including mats, blocks and bolsters. Whilst we provide equipment you are more than welcome to bring your own mat should you have a personal preference.
Yes, yoga is suitable for beginners. Many classes offer modifications and variations for different skill levels. It’s important to communicate any physical limitations or injuries with the instructor prior to starting class to ensure a safe practice.
The frequency of attending classes depends on your goals. To see improvements in general well-being, 1-3 times a week is a good start. Yoga at CHANGE has been designed to compliment our other modalities to provide the stretch and relaxation you need.

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