The Power Of Protein


February 16, 2024


Protein is an essential macronutrient for every single person, every single day. The more active we are, the more vital protein intake becomes. Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are the main building blocks of our muscles, bones, skin, tissues and organs. When consuming protein, we digest it into individual amino acids to create new proteins throughout the body.

It is essential to consume an adequate amount of protein per day; otherwise the body will break down muscle to maintain the amino acids it needs to function.
On average, it is recommended to have 0.8g – 2.2g protein per kilo of bodyweight.

If you weigh 60kg, your daily intake should be about 120g protein per day.

1.Build. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage and skin. Did you know that your hair and nails are mostly made up of protein?

2. Repair. Your body uses it to build and repair tissue.

3.Oxygenate. Red blood cells contain a protein compound that distributes oxygen throughout the body. This helps your body to be supplied with all the nutrients it needs.

4.Digest. Did you know that about half of the protein you consume per day goes into making enzymes? These enzymes aid in digesting food and make new cells/body chemicals.

5.Regulate. Protein plays a large role in the regulation of hormones. It is crucial to get adequate amounts of protein in your diet during puberty. It helps the development and transformation during this period.

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